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Divorce, Custody, Family Law, Criminal Law Attorney - Beggs Law Firm - Bay City MIDo you need an aggressive attorney to fight for your rights?  Contact Beggs Law Firm and get the help you need for criminal cases, divorce proceedings and custody battles.  Attorney Paul Beggs has the experience and knowledge of the court system that will help you win.

Are you afraid you’ll lose out on your rights?  Talk to an attorney who knows how to fight on behalf of his clients.  Paul is a champion for the people – someone who won’t back down in the face of adversity.  Don’t waste your time hiring someone else who lacks the experience and the ability to FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT.  If you want the best possible outcome you need to put your trust in an attorney who will listen to your needs, determine the best course of action and go to battle for YOU!





Contact Beggs Law Firm for help in legal matters such as:

Family Law

  • Divorce filing & proceedings
  • Child custody, parental rights & responsibilities and child support payments
  • Guardianship rights & legality

Criminal Law

  • Misdemeanors such as  petty theft,  public intoxication, simple assault,  disorderly conduct, trespassing, vandalism, reckless driving, and unlawful possession of certain amounts of marijuana
  • Felonies such as murder, attempted murder, vehicular homicide, aggravated assault, arson, burglary, certain types of fraud and the manufacturing, sale and/or intent to distribute certain types or quantities of illegal drugs

Should you find yourself charged with a felony, misdemeanor, or involved in a family law matter, contact Paul Beggs of Beggs Law FirmHe is well known for his tireless pursuit of justice and fighting for the rights of his clients at every turn.