Divorce Law

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Divorce law, as well as family law, is one of the most delicate legal issues you can face.  Your future life as an individual, as well as a family, will be affected by the manner in which these issues are resolved.  The impact these difficult times will have on your life, as well as the lives of your children, makes it very important that you secure the most successful divorce law and family law attorney you can.

At Beggs Law Firm, our experienced and effective divorce law and family law attorneys have been helping individuals and families for over 15 years.  We help you find solutions to the challenges that divorce and other family matters can dump on your household.





We can help you sort through these difficult matters by:

  • Helping you determine what appropriate child support amounts are fair & equitable.
  • Looking at what circumstances are best for your children, & the division of time spent with each parent.
  • Considering the prospect of alimony and the appropriate designation of funds and/or payments.
  • Determining how a father can fight for the rights for custody of his children – even in the absence of marriage.
  • Creating a schedule between mother & father so that the designated time awarded for custody is upheld.

When divorce involves children, it is very important to keep in mind that they are THE MOST important people involved in the decision. We will help to insure that this principle is kept at the forefront of all decisions.  Divorce is a decision that affects everyone in the family.  Beggs Law Firm works with clients to minimize the damage and pick up the pieces to build a new family dynamic.  A new dynamic built around equal rights for the parents and the best possible circumstances for the children involved.